February 5, 2023

Xoffers sub-affiliate program.

A sub-affiliate program is a marketing program within a Xoffers affiliate program that allows affiliates to earn additional income by recruiting new partners to join the affiliate program. 

The sub-affiliate program also provides a way for affiliates to earn money through the efforts of others, making it a popular choice for those looking to build a passive income stream through affiliate marketing.

Xoffers partners can earn a commission on the income generated by the partners they recruit, in addition to the commissions they earn from their own sales of trading signals. This provides partners with an additional way to earn income by leveraging the efforts of their recruits to generate sales and income for both parties.

The sub-affiliates promote the trading signals in the same way as the main partners, by using websites, social media, or other online channels. In simple terms, a sub-affiliate program is a way for partners to earn by creating a multi-level marketing structure for promoting the trading signals.

How much do partners earn in the sub-affiliate program?

Partners who participate in the Xoffers sub-affiliate program will receive 5% of the income generated by the sub-affiliates they recruit. 

For every sale made by a partner you have recruited to the Xoffers affiliate program, you will earn commissions. By leveraging the efforts of your sub-affiliates, you can grow your income through the Xoffers sub-affiliate program and earn additional revenue from the sales generated by your network.

The more new partners you recruit, the more your earnings will be.

To maximize your earnings as a Xoffers sub-affiliate, you should focus on recruiting new partners and building a strong sub-affiliate network. The more sub-affiliates you have, and the more successful they are in generating sales, the more income you can earn through the Xoffers sub-affiliate program.

Who can become a member of the Xoffers sub-affiliate program?

In the Xoffers affiliate program, all registered partners are eligible to participate in the sub-affiliate program without any restrictions. This means that all partners, regardless of their level of experience or status within the program, are able to participate in the sub-affiliate program and earn additional income by recruiting other partners. There are no limitations or restrictions on who can participate in the sub-affiliate program, and all partners have equal opportunities to earn income through the sub-affiliate program.

How does the Xoffers sub-affiliate program work?

You can recommend affiliate program to others and earn a commission on the profits they generate. This allows you to earn real money through your recommendations and provides an additional stream of income. 

To do this, you should share your affiliate link with your audience. When someone joins the Xoffers program through your affiliate link, you will receive a commission of 5% on the income generated by that new partner. 

Tree of sub-affiliates

You can access a list of all partners who have registered using your affiliate link in your personal account. The list can be found in the "Tree of sub-affiliates" section in your account.

This section provides you with a complete overview of your sub-affiliate network, including information on the number of sub-affiliates you have recruited, their current status within the program, and the commissions you have earned through their efforts. 

So, you can keep track of your sub-affiliate network and monitor your progress as you grow your network.

Where to get an affiliate link to promote Xoffers?

Your affiliate link is available in your personal account in the "SignupSubaffiliates" section. This link is used to track the registrations of new partners who have joined the Xoffers affiliate program through your referral efforts. 

You can use this link to promote the Xoffers program to your audience, and earn a commission on the income generated by the partners you recruit. 

Sub-affiliate Sale Stats report 

Sales statistics of sub-affiliates is available in the partners personal account. This report provides detailed information on the sales generated by your sub-affiliates, including the commission earned and the date of the transaction.

Also, you may set the necessary criteria, such as the statistics date range, commission status, and custom filters. So, with the “Sub affiliate Sale Stats” report, you can have complete transparency and control over your sub-affiliate network and the commissions you have earned through their efforts.

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