December 20, 2022

What to do if the conversion rate has decreased?

In this article we answer the question: what should you do if your sales conversion rate is low? Or how to get your conversion rate back to the previous level.

Analysts around the world are seeing downturns in all financial sectors and areas. However, such crises and downturns do not usually affect users' interest in analytical tools. Investors and traders are investing less, but using tools to trade as before. 

So if you have noticed a slump in sales, this article is for you.

How to buy a PRO?

The most popular and frequent questions to vfxAlert and xSignals support about payment methods. That is, your users want to buy analytical tools for trading, but don't know how to pay for them. 

The vfxAlert application is available to users all over the world. Different payment methods are available in different countries. Email us to find out exactly what payment methods are available in your users' countries. And then tell your users in detail how to buy a PRO in their country.

We will tell you as much as possible about all payment methods in this article. You can send your questions to [email protected]

Only registered users can buy a PRO:

Google play. 

The easiest and most common payment method is Google Play.

A licence purchased for a smartphone on Google Play is also valid on a computer. Tell  your users about the mobile app as a payment method! That is, the user uses the mobile application only for payment, while for trading he uses the application for the PC.

To recommend this payment method to your users, you should use an affiliate link for Google Play. You will find this affiliate link in the partner's personal account. 

Read the article about affiliate links.

Debit/credit card.

Please note that the payment methods described may be limited or available in some countries. There are two ways to pay a PRO  with card:

  • Digiseller;
  • xPay.


Payment by card is made on the platform of the Digiseller store. The PRO licences for vfxAlert and xSignals are officially available on this store. And the payment method is no different from the usual online store. 


This payment method involves paying by card to crypto wallets. The service automatically converts any currency into cryptocurrency and sends it to vfxAlert and xSignals wallets.

xPay has three different payment gateways: Paybis, RAMP, and Moonpay. Not all countries have all three payment gateways.

For the convenience of users, video instructions have been added to the website:

If none of these three methods work in your country,  please contact us at [email protected]. And also write us your wishes about what new payment methods should be added.

Electronic wallets.

In most countries, Payeer and Perfect Money e-wallets are available for payment. 

Electronic wallets are the most reliable payment methods. There are practically no lost payments in them.

Please use our instruction or make your own video instruction for users on how to buy a PRO via Payeer and Perfect Money.

Step by step instructions on how to pay are on the vfxAlert blog:


Cryptocurrency is becoming more popular among users every year. According to vfxAlert, users are increasingly choosing this way to buy a PRO because:

  • Cryptocurrency payments have lower fees than card payments; 
  • Cryptocurrency transactions are performed anonymously, which provides additional security for the user's personal data.

There are several ways to pay with cryptocurrency:


It is very important to show the payment process to users. Some users don't understand how e-wallets or cryptocurrency payment methods work. Please don't leave your users without instruction. Only you can properly explain to the audience in your country how it is easier and more convenient to make a purchase.

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