December 30, 2022

What happened in 2022?

The end of the year is the best time to take stock. In this article we will tell you about the features that have appeared in the vfxAlert app in 2022, who they are for and how to use them when promoting signals.

One-click trading.

One-click trading is a feature that automatically opens a trade on the broker's platform on the selected signal. This is a function for quickly placing a trade on the broker's platform.

One-click trading is popular with intraday traders and scalpers, for whom speed of opening trades is important. Even a beginner can quickly open a position on the desired signal one-click trading. Read more about one-click trading in the article.

OTC signals.

OTC signals are signals for over-the-counter assets of a specific broker. They predict the price movement of OTC forex assets on a particular broker's platform. You can trade on OTC forex signals 24/7.

OTC signals are popular among traders who are used to trading with forex assets and do not have the opportunity to trade on weekdays and those who trade on the OTC market. Read more about OTC signals in our blog.

Auto Trade for partners.

Auto Trade is a tool for automatically placing trades according to set conditions, with a built-in presentation mode. Auto Trade can be used to test trading strategies and assess the results of the trading day. And also to promote vfxAlert signals.

In presentation mode, visual effects demonstrate each Auto Trade action: selected signal, indicator values, open/close a trade.This is useful when creating content. Read more about how to create video content with Auto Trade in a new article.

Free signals.

These are signals for forex and crypto assets as well as OTC signals which are available in the free vfxAlert app. To receive free signals, it is enough to register on the website.

The free signals panel provides basic information for making a decision: price movement forecast, expiration, quote at the time of the signal appears, the algorithm by which the signal was generated and the time since the signal appeared. Power and heatmaps are only active on the free signals panel for GBPUSD and USDJPY.

Free signals are great for trading on demo accounts. With them, beginners can quickly learn how to analyse the market and trade binary options.

According to vfxAlert metrics, most new users who sign up for free signals buy a Pro licence within the first month of use. By recommending free vfxAlert signals, you can significantly expand your audience and scale your results. Read more about free signals in the article.

New payment methods.

A new payment method xPay has been added to the website. xPay integrates multi payment gateways that allow it to accept payments from users from different countries, in different currencies and cryptocurrencies. In doing so, the user uses his debit or credit card to pay.

Buying a Pro licence is an important step in the signal sales funnel. According to vfxAlert support, 24% of users refuse to buy a Pro because they don't understand how to do it. Therefore, it is very important to regularly tell users how to buy a Pro in their country and which method is the most convenient. Read about all payment methods in the article.

User Education.

Official Telegram bot have launched. vfxAlert bot - these are simple, convenient instructions and step-by-step training for binary options trading.

The bot is very useful for novice traders who are hesitant to buy a Pro licence. It doesn't just teach trading, it also motivates users to buy vfxAlert signals. Invite your users after registration to subscribe to vfxAlert bot.

The mobile application also includes step-by-step instructions for using signals and the official vfxAlert Telegram channel, which broadcasts all the latest company news, as well as new trading strategies. All the information a trader needs is now in a convenient format in the application. Read more about Telegram bot in the article.

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