October 28, 2022

vfxAlert OTC signals

One of the new features of the vfxAlert app is the OTC signals for Pocket Option. vfxAlert users can now receive signals and trade on weekends and holidays.

At the moment there are OTC signals for Pocket Option traders. The developers of vfxAlert are also at the stage of developing OTC signals for other brokers.

What is an OTC?

An OTC is an over-the-counter transaction concluded between two counterparties directly, without access to a global financial exchange on the platform of a particular broker. 

How vfxAlert OTC signals are generated?

vfxAlert OTC signals are generated from a large amount of broker-specific statistics and historical data, using basic technical analysis indicators.

The algorithms for OTC signals take into account historical price movements, analyse prices for strong trends and patterns and also analyse the behaviour of traders (Bulls and Bears) on a particular broker's platform.

What are the OTC signals for? 

OTC signals are needed to analyse and forecast price movements of OTC assets on the broker's platform.

Early in their careers, many traders use OTC signals as a trading simulator. However, most get used to working specifically with OTC options and go on to trade these assets for real.  

The addition of OTC signals increases the vfxAlert app's appeal to most traders because:

  • users of the vfxAlert app are now able to trade 24/7 not only with cryptocurrencies, but also with traditional forex assets;
  • interest on OTC asset trades is generally higher, which means the chance of users earning more also increases;
  • OTC assets are characterised by low volatility and calm markets, and most trading indicators perform very well;
  • OTC signals are more stable because only active traders on the broker's trading platform influence the price movement of the asset.


When promoting vfxAlert, the availability of OTC signals is one important advantage, as it expands the partner's target audience. It provides an opportunity to attract novice traders and traders who trade only on weekends. 

Tell your users about the opportunity to trade on weekends and holidays.

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