April 21, 2022

Overview of the partner’s personal account

A partner's personal account is a website where the partner's reports, a list of offers, his profile settings and promotion tools are located. To gain access to your personal account, you must register in the Xoffers affiliate program.


Step 1

Go to the affiliate program website at https://xoffers.one/ and click Sign Up or register using the link.

Registration in the affiliate program is simple and fast and requires a minimum of time and a minimum of information.

Step 2

Fill in the required data in the partner registration form.

Step 3 

Please read the Terms and Conditions. Mark that you agree and click "Signup".

After successful registration, the system will automatically redirect you to the home page of your personal account.

Sections of the partner's personal account.

On the left side is the main menu, with which you can go to different pages of your personal account to get the necessary information.


This is the main page of the personal account, which provides basic information for the partner in the form of a scoreboard.

Three information scoreboards contain important and up-to-date information for partners, contacts of a personal manager, partner's ID, etc.

Partner's ID is in the lower right information scoreboard. 

Commissions scoreboard provides up-to-date information on commissions for the last 30 days: approved unpaid,  approved paid, amount of commissions pending, and refund - the amount of commission not payable.

Scoreboard Clicks & Impressions reflects the number of clicks and the number of registrations through affiliate links.

My Profile. 

This section contains the partner's personal information, where you can set up payment details and change the password for your personal account if necessary.

To change the password for your personal account, go to the Personal Details subsection, indicate the old password, and enter a new one.

In the Payments Details subsection, select a convenient way to withdraw the commissions, fill in the wallet data, and set withdrawal limits.

Commissions payments are made using six payment systems to choose from: 

  •  USDT TRC 20
  • Payeer
  • WebMoney USD 
  • AdvCash
  • BTC
  • QIWI

Choose a convenient withdrawal method, enter your wallet details, and set a minimum payout option

Payments are made on the 5th and 20th of each month.

Please note that payouts in BTC are made from $500, while a commission fee of 0.00065 BTC will be deducted. Payments to QIWI are made in rubles at the exchange rate at the time of payment.

Getting Started  

This section contains useful information: promotion tips, answers to frequently asked questions, instructions for using tools for advanced traffic tracking, etc.


The Campaigns section contains offers of the Xoffers affiliate program:

In each offer, you will find your affiliate link (see the picture below)

Affiliate link is a link that leads to the vfxAlert or xSignals website and contains a unique partner marker that is written to a cookie on the user's device, thanks to which sales are assigned to the partner and bring him income.

Below the affiliate link is a direct link to the signals (vfxAlert or xSignals) in order to quickly get all the necessary information about them.

In the same section, сommissions levels for each offer are presented.

For example, the size of the commission from the sale of vfxAlert signals is divided into 5 levels: the minimum payout is 50% (with income from 0 to $250), and the maximum payout level is 70% (with income from $10,001).

The “Show banners” button opens a list of links to tools for different promotion formats for each offer.

In order to use the links in your advertising campaigns, simply copy the desired link and paste it into your advertising resource.

Link my page EN  is the main affiliate link to the main page of signals in English. Post it on your blog, social media, etc.

If you are attracting users using mobile traffic, use links to a mobile application in your advertising company:

  • Link to Android App - link to a mobile application for Android
  • Link to iOS app - link to mobile app for IOS 

If you are driving traffic from other countries, use Landing links. The language of the landing corresponds to the country of the landing. For example, landing pages for Mexico, USA, Thailand, Philippines, Somalia, Turkey, Indonesia, Egypt, India, Chile, Brazil, and Argentina are available for vfxAlert.

Another attraction tool provided to partners is banners.

Copy the link Horizontal 970x205 and paste it into the search bar of your browser, the zip archive with banners will be automatically downloaded to your PC.

Unzip the archive, select the banner you need, and place it in the right place on your website, blog, etc., indicating your affiliate link.

Ad channels

Channels are the easiest and most powerful way to control traffic. To use it, simply create a new channel for each desired link/banner. For example, you can create a channel for your home page, for a social media page, or for an AdWords ad. When receiving banners and links, you can choose the version with the channel parameter added. Now the channel will be saved every time you click on this link, and the channel information will also be transferred to the specified commission, so you will know exactly which link from which channeled to the commission.

In this section, you can create your own various advertising channels. Their number is unlimited.

In order to create a channel, click the “Add channel” button, specify the name of the channel and its code and save the changes by clicking on the “Save modified rows” button. 

Using advertising channels allows you to separate traffic if you use different resources for promotion and analyze the efficiency of each of them.

You may read the instructions on how to use channels in the Advanced Tracking section in the partner's personal account.


This section contains all the necessary statistical information.

Quick Stats provides a quick overview of all tracked events - Impressions, Clicks, Sales, and Commissions for the selected time period.

Trends report of your transactions in a handy graphical form allows you to quickly get a clear picture of where your advertising campaign is heading over the past month, week or day.

A list of all transactions and commissions registered by the system through your affiliate link can be found in the Commissions report.

The number of clicks on affiliate tools and links in the Clicks list report allows you to quickly identify priority promotion methods.

Payouts history and the financial overview are presented in Payouts to me.

You can find the transactions of your sub-affiliates that also brought you income in the Subaffiliate Sale Stats

You can view all downline affiliates registered under you using the Tree of subaffiliates.

The Channel stats report will help you evaluate the effectiveness of your advertising channels.


This is another affiliate tool that allows you to not only track but also conduct a qualitative analysis of your traffic. With the help of reports in the tracking system on the committed targeted actions of site visitors.

Postback is a URL, when clicked, you get information about the completed target action and, optionally, any additional information that you need.

Postback allows you to integrate your statistics into various advertising services.

Having information about what actions the user performs most often, which ads and keywords convert the most, at what time the maximum number of clicks are made, etc., allows the partner to optimize their advertising campaign and increase its efficiency.

Signup Subaffiliates 

Xoffers is a two-level affiliate program that allows you to earn not only from direct sales of the offer but also from attracting partners.

Xoffers sub-affiliate - an additional way to earn money by attracting new partners.

You place a link to register in an affiliate program with your affiliate marker - and get 5% of the income of your referrals (partners who signed up using your link).

To start earning with the Sub affiliate program, you do not need to register anywhere else. Immediately after registering with Xoffers, you will receive a unique referral link. Here is an instruction on how to find the link in your personal account.  

  1. Go to the Signup Subaffiliates section

2. Copy the link

3. Tell about the possibilities of the Xoffers affiliate program and share the link with your audience: in chats, social networks, blogs, on your website, etc.

4. To attract new sub-partners, use the registration and login forms. Download the source code of the registration form and the code of the login form to place on your site. This will allow your sub-affiliates to register and/or login to the affiliate panel through your website.

5. Track the results of your partners in the Subaffiliate Sale Stats.

6.  Use Tree of subaffiliates to track affiliates who signed up using your affiliate link.

Attention!  It is forbidden to register your own accounts using your referral link. We reserve the right, in case of violation of this rule, to terminate your account from participation in the affiliate program at any time without payment of the remuneration due.

Contact us

A section where you can contact us, and ask a question to your personal manager in the most convenient way for you.

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