April 22, 2022

How to promote signals with Youtube

Hello partners! Today we will share a case study on how to recommend trading signals using our Youtube channel.

There are several ways to promote on youtube:

- Youtube promotional video with Adwords

- Advertising with other youtube bloggers

- Creating your own Youtube channel

We will tell you how to create your own Youtube channel and attract traffic from it to trading signals. It may seem to you that this is one of the most difficult ways to attract an audience, but trust us, this is the most effective method of promoting signals in a foreign market! Youtube has a large audience and this is a good opportunity to get traffic. In the first two ways, you need to invest money, and the third method gives you free traffic.

Consider the main steps:

1 -  Creating a Youtube channel

2 - Name, description and design of the channel

3 - Video content creation

4 - Adding video content

5 - Communication with the audience

6 - Directing traffic to trading signals

Create a Youtube channel

In order to create your own Youtube channel, you need to register an account on Google.

1. Open YouTube on your computer or go to the mobile site.

2. Click profile photo "Create channel".

3. A dialog window will appear asking you to create a channel.

4. Check the information provided (the name and photo will be taken from your Google account) and confirm the creation of the channel.

Name, description, and design of the channel

After that, you create a Youtube channel, and come up with a name. The channel can be called the author's name, however, this approach is justified if the author's name is already known. If you are a popular blogger who has his own audience. Otherwise, it is not recommended to use the first and last name for the name of the Youtube channel. As a title, it is best to use the keyword that is closest to the subject of your channel.

Choose an avatar for your channel that will give an understanding of the topic. Since your channel avatar will appear in all your videos, think carefully about what to put there.

The design of the header (banner) of the Youtube channel will help you immediately express yourself - tell your users in detail about your features and benefits. Be sure to add links to your social networks and other resources on the banner so that users can contact you.

Fill in the description of the channel. Use this block to post information that contains key phrases for promotion in search results. Do not write a lot of text, focus primarily on users, tell them who you are and how your channel will be useful.

Be sure to include contact information so that users can always contact you.

Creation of video content

Before you start, look at the channels of other traders, take their videos as an example, but choose your individual style, which is different from your competitors.

Register on the trading signals website. Download the desktop app or open the signals in a browser window. Choose a broker. Register an account with a broker and activate a demo account.

Open the signals app, add your broker, and enable screen recording. At the beginning of the video, show users how to find our signals, how to download the application, and set the necessary parameters. Select the desired timeframe, the currency pair you want to trade, the type of signal, the type of strategy, and make a video with comments on how signals help analyze the market in order to make the right forecast. Use additional indicators, tell your viewers what they are for and how they help analyze the market. Warn users that the signals are not a guarantee of the success of the deal, but are needed to confirm the trader's own trading strategy.

Use automatic translator and subtitles. When editing a video, use pointing arrows and comments so that your users can understand all the actions you take.

Video Design

It is not enough to shoot high-quality video content, you also need to pack it with high quality.

Here, the preview of the video is of great importance - this is what the audience sees before they start watching. The preview should show what the video contains.

Adviсe to design preview:

- Do not load the picture with small details and images use suitable colors, make the preview bright and eye-catching

- Build the right composition, harmoniously fill the frame and do not leave a lot of free space, keep the balance of the sizes of images and text

- Make the preview emotional, use the faces of people or imaginary characters with different emotions

- Display the theme of the video on the preview, the viewer should understand what is being said in this video use high-quality pictures and images

Adding video content

Upload the video to your Youtube channel, add a prepared preview and pay attention to the title and description of the video.

Title for the video

- Add a high-frequency keyword phrase related to your topic to the title

- Make sure your headline is readable and natural.

- In the title, indicate the usefulness of the video, the relevance of the problem, or the uniqueness of the solution.

- Do not copy information from the preview, the title should expand and complement the information from the preview, and not repeat it.

Description of the video

Remember that the most important information is contained in the first 100 characters, about the amount of text users see when they search for videos on Youtube. In these 100 characters, explain how this video will be useful.

At the beginning of the video description, be sure to put your affiliate link to the signals.

Equally important are the next 100 characters. Reveal the main meanings of the video, and compose a text that describes the essence of the video as accurately as possible. Use Yandex.Words that or Google Keyword Planner to select popular search queries on the topic and organically fit keywords into the text that best convey the essence of the video.

At the end of the description, add links to your social networks, to other videos on your channel, playlists, or your personal website, if you have one.

Thank users for watching your video and ask them to subscribe to your channel, like, and leave a comment.

Tags and hashtags

Tags and hashtags are keywords. They must be popular and requested and directly related to your video. The first three hashtags are displayed below the video, so they should be different and key.

Some tips for making videos:

- Videos should not be too long, limit yourself to a few transactions so that the duration of the video does not exceed 10-12 minutes

- Make a bright intro to the video that encourages you to click on the video

- Reply to all comments on your video to increase audience loyalty

analyze views and make videos like those that have collected the most responses

- Constantly update video content

Directing traffic to affiliate program Xoffers

In order to direct viewers to the offer you are promoting, there are 2 ways:

1. Your affiliate link in the video description

2. Your affiliate link in the channel profile description

Encourage users to click on links, and indicate the places where they are. Ask your audience to leave feedback: questions, wishes, comments, feedback.


In order to get free traffic from youtube, you need to create and promote your own channel. You will have to try a little, but this is a great opportunity to get traffic and earn money with the Xoffers affiliate program without investments.

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