December 22, 2022

How to create video content.

To create video content the auto trade function has been added to the vfxAlert app. The advantage of the auto trading function is that it can be used even by those partners who are not proficient in trading, but have an active audience and a desire to earn money by promoting signals.

Auto trade allows: 

  • to open positions with many different conditions;
  • to react to market changes quickly;
  • to test a large number of indicators and trading strategies;
  • to trade without the trader's presence;
  • to record video for signals promotion in the presentation mode, without the trader's presence.

Using auto trade you can create video content even if you don't know how to trade binary options at all. 

With auto trade, you can create informative videos of trading based on the set filters and conditions. You can find trading strategies and conditions for trading on the vfxAlert channel and on the vfxAlert official blog.

In presentation mode, visual effects are available in the form of arrows, backlight of signals and indicators. They will demonstrate on which signals and at which indicators values trades were opened. This will allow you to show users in detail how the signals work and what to focus on when selecting a signal and when making a trading decision.

Use auto trade to test signals, trading strategies and indicators.

At the end of the trading day, analyse the results of the trading: estimate the number of winning trades to the number of losing trades, under what market conditions (or under what values of different indicators) the trades were successful.

Record the trading day. Collect all the information, mount a video based on the recordings made with auto trade and post it on YouTube for your audience.

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