April 22, 2022

How to advertise signals with your blog

If you already have your own blog and you maintain it, then integrating your affiliate link into it will not be difficult. The main thing is to choose the right content that matches the topic of your blog and will appeal to your audience.

We will talk about how to create your own blog from scratch and monetize it using the Xoffers affiliate program.

Blog Formats:

- Video blog

- Photoblog

- Text blog

Video blog

The most popular video blog site is, of course, Youtube. Here you can create and upload videos. The video makes it possible to make content visual. However, watching videos is not always convenient for everyone, for this, you need a good Internet connection, the ability to watch with sound, and the process of creating high-quality video content is quite labor-intensive.


If we are talking about a format associated exclusively with images, then the main platforms for it are Pinterest and Instagram. The main plus of the photo is visibility. But without the accompanying text and description, you are unlikely to make a sale. Plus, it is not always possible to attach an active affiliate link.

Text blog

This is the simplest format in terms of content preparation. In order to download articles, a powerful Internet is not required, the text is well-indexed in search engines. The downside is that not everyone likes to read large articles, however, a variety of photo and video articles can be a solution to this problem.

Basic rules for blogging

- By creating a blog, you form an audience of interests around you and become an influencer. You need to be well versed in the product and the topic in order to form a trusting relationship between your blog and readers in order to further promote the product.

- You need to blog on an ongoing basis. It takes time to grow a blog and fill it with quality content. Sometimes it can take long months - be prepared for this.

- Follow blog topics. Find out what topics are most relevant, and write articles with relevant keywords.

- Constantly develop your blog, and follow the changes and updates of the niche in which you write. Post relevant information that will be of interest to your readers.

Step by step blogging strategy

1. Understand the topic. The topic of trading is now very popular, as here you can quickly and easily make money. Study the topic, find out what users are most interested in and how you can implement information about the promoted product

2. Choose a platform to create a blog.

3. Create your blog. Upload images relevant to your blog, and add a description so that readers can understand what this blog is about and how it will be interesting and useful to them.

4. Make a content plan. Think about the format of articles and how often you will publish. Start by explaining the basic concepts: what is trading, the psychology of a trader, how to make money through trading, and what tools can be used for this. If you have experience in trading, then in addition to theory, you can share your successes: tell us about yourself, and how you made money trading with Xsignals signals. Describe the application, its advantages, all the tools, and trading strategies, and tell us how to use signals in trading. Use free promotional materials (screenshots, logos, banners, registration forms) in your articles, which you can find in your personal account.

5. Monetize your blog. Add your affiliate link to articles. Describe the benefits of trading signals by subtly encouraging your readers to follow the link and make a purchase.

6. Plan a goal. Set yourself targets to achieve.


In order to create a quality blog, you must constantly fill it with quality content. You must be able to correctly express your thoughts, be able to write, know text editors, and understand SEO. For this, you will have to work hard. But the plus is that all this can be learned online and without large financial investments.

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