December 12, 2022

Free vfxAlert signals: desktop, mobile, web

Free signals are available in the vfxAlert app for users. It is important to understand the difference between the demo version of the app and the free signals in the app.
The demo version provides full functionality for a limited period for free. In the vfxAlert app, part of the functionality is open for free use and testing. However, these functions will not be enough for professional use.

Free vfxAlert signals for PC

A free licence is available for PC. Using a free licence a trader can test the signals and try to trade with them on the platforms of some brokers.

Forex and crypto signals available on the free account. Free signals provide almost all information, including the price movement forecast, except for signal power and heatmaps. Signal power and heatmaps display statistics on similar signals in the past and help determine the accuracy of the signal and the accuracy of price movement forecasts.

The number of signals is not limited. And signal success indicators in the form of power and heatmaps are available only for two currency pairs: GBPUSD and USDJPY.

Also, on a free account in the vfxAlert application, OTC signals for PocketOption with full functionality are available. That is, all data on the signal panel is open, including power and heatmaps. 

Access to a free account is unlimited, just register on the website https://vfxalert.com.

Free vfxAlert signals for mobile

To receive free vfxAlert signals on a smartphone, the user simply needs to download the mobile app from Google Play or App Store and log in to the app.

Affiliate links to Google Play and App Store are available in the partner's personal account. 

On our blog you will find instructions on where to get these affiliate links.

The vfxAlert mobile application has free signals with limited functionality, that is, without power and heatmaps. As well as signals with fully open functionality for GBPUSD and USDJPY.

Also, OTC signals for all types of accounts are open in the vfxAlert mobile application. To access OTC signals, the user needs to connect with a broker.

Access to a free account and signals is not limited.

Web signals.

vfxAlert has returned the ability to receive signals in the browser window. This feature can only be used by users with a PRO account.

In the web version, only signals are available, without additional analytical tools and dashboards.

This option is ideal for those users who do not have the opportunity to install an additional application for trading on their smartphone or computer.

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