April 22, 2022

Features of advertisements in different countries

Each country in our world is unique. It has its own characteristics, due to culture, traditions, mentality, realities of life, market requirements, etc. Advertising in different countries also has its own characteristics. Today we will talk about its features in different parts of our planet. Knowing this specificity, you can create working advertising creatives.

Latin America

Latin America is the second-largest online advertising market in the world. Latin America is, of course, brightness, dynamism, and expression. Juicy, sunny tones, and a general cheerful atmosphere are striking. Much attention in advertising is paid to people, relationships, and emotions.


Brazil is always the spirit of carnival and Brazilian advertising always reminds us of a holiday.

Brazilians have coined the term "brasilidade", which literally translates as "brasilianess" or "brasilianness" and means a certain characteristic or quality of Brazilian history and culture, as well as a feeling of closeness and love for Brazil. "Brasilidade" is often used in advertisements and advertisements depicts the main symbols of Brazil: the statue of Jesus Christ on Mount Corcovado, palm trees, mountains, national clothes, the toucan bird, girls in national jewelry or in a headdress.

As for the colors in advertisements, they are always bright, juicy, and colorful colors in the spirit of the Brazilian carnival. And also the green and yellow colors of the flag of Brazil.


Geographically close to Brazil, but culturally and commercially distant, Argentina coincides with its neighbor only in the richness of the palette of relationships and feelings, but it gives a much higher level of emotional tension and is famous for unusual plots. And separately it is necessary to mention the color scheme - slightly muted tones, the warmth of the picture, and the special transparency of the air, you can immediately determine that the video was filmed in Argentina.


The United States is a marketing leader and an advertising role model. American advertising has long become international, so individual national characteristics are quite difficult to determine, however, we will try to highlight a few points:

- Advertising must be viable, realistic, pragmatic, and profitable.

- American users react poorly to images and cling to key phrases more often.

- All advertising in America is based on emotions, the ability to evoke feelings and desires with the primary message.

- Advertising is based on personalization and individuality. 

- The main thing in an advertisement is to create a strong connection between the target audience and the brand.

- Preference for visual content over text blocks.

American advertising is one of the most direct advertising, which from the outside is perceived as somewhat intrusive. At the same time, the Americans themselves are not embarrassed by the obtrusiveness and direct convictions in advertising. Great emphasis in American advertising is placed on traditional family values and patriotism.


Advertising in Asian countries is at different levels of development. If the Philippines, Taiwan, and Japan are more than competitive by world standards, then, for example, in Vietnam, the transition period from the rejection of advertising and its ban to interest and love for it is just beginning. The most striking manifestation of the uniqueness of Asian advertising is not its continental, but its national identity, based on cultural, historical, and even philosophical traditions and principles.

Features of advertising in Asia:

- The Asian advertising market takes into account cultural, ethical, and spiritual features and superstitions.

- When creating advertising, it is important to take into account the semantic meanings of colors, since each color is a symbol of a certain state.

- Translation of promotional materials into Asian languages ​​should only be done by a native speaker.

- The main emphasis in Asian advertising is on positive emotions. Advertising should give pleasure from the fact of purchasing a product or service.

- Asian consumers value status. When purchasing a product or service, the consumer must feel privileged and important.


Advertising is important symbolism and the integrity of the semantic picture. Creativity that evokes positive emotions and pleasure is in demand. The task of advertising is to entertain the consumer to a greater extent than to convey a serious meaning. Therefore, only short phrases, words, and images that stick in the memory are used.


The spirit of patriotism is very strong in China, so any belittling of the traditional way of life and cultural values is perceived extremely negatively.


Thailand is a religious country, therefore it is forbidden to use monks, representatives of royal families, and officials in advertising, for them all of this is sacred and untouchable. The same applies to the coat of arms and national symbols. However, Thais have a very creative approach to advertising.


One of the worst countries in terms of Internet access, although mobile traffic in this country is showing good growth. As a rule, an adult and solvent audience sits on the Internet, which can bring a high conversion rate. Since this is a Muslim country, the majority of users are men.

Arab countries

In Islamic countries, religious and national characteristics strongly diverge from European traditions. Advertising in Arab countries is subject to strict censorship and should be as close as possible to local cultural values and the national language.

United Arab Emirates

The main traffic sources in this country are Google, Youtube, and Facebook. Since the Emirates is a Muslim country, advertising creatives should exclude the use of images that are prohibited by local rules (for example, nudity). Do not forget about local holidays, if you pour on non-working days, then CR can drop sharply.


For advertising in Turkey, it is better to use creatives in Turkish. It is also worth remembering about Turkish holidays, for example, in Turkey, there is a Ramadan holiday, which lasts a whole month and carries many prohibitions for local residents. In Turkey, nepotism is very developed, so you can use slogans in creatives that call to improve the life of your family and provide them with a prosperous future.

Knowing and taking into account the features for creating and designing advertising creatives for different countries, you can make your advertising campaign more effective.

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