July 5, 2023

Extra Bonus for Video: Terms and Conditions.

Participation in the "Extra Bonus for video" promotion gives Xoffers partners the opportunity to earn additional rewards for publishing a video about vfxAlert signals on YouTube, provided that all the terms and conditions of the promotion described below are met.

General Provisions

1. The promotion is organized by X-systems & services PC (hereinafter - Company), the provider of trading signals vfxAlert.

2. The "Extra Bonus for Video" promotion (hereinafter - Promotion ) is intended for active partners of Xoffers.

3. Unless otherwise stated in this article, all terms and definitions used herein are in accordance with the Affiliate Program Agreement.

4. The Promotion is designed to increase the loyalty of Partners to the Xoffers affiliate program and to enhance the loyalty of users to vfxAlert signals.

5. Rewards will be granted upon meeting all the requirements and terms and conditions of the Promotion, including:

a. Promotion Terms;
b. Requirements for the Xoffers partner's personal account;
c. Requirements for the YouTube channel;
d. Requirements for the video.

Promotion Terms and Conditions

1. To participate in the promotion, it is necessary to be a partner of Xoffers. Registration in the affiliate program.

2. Partners will receive a reward of $100 for each video posted on YouTube.

3. The reward will be paid monthly on the 5th for videos published in the previous month.

4. The maximum number of videos for which a partner can receive a reward is 5 videos or $500.

5. To receive the reward, the partner must provide links to the published videos to Xoffers support within the 1st to the 3rd of each month:

Attention! Links to the published videos provided after the 3rd will not be eligible for a reward.

6. During the period from the 3rd to the 5th, the Company verifies the links for compliance with the requirements and terms and conditions of the promotion and awards an Extra Bonus for the videos.

7. The approved Extra Bonus is displayed in the partner's account and is automatically paid along with the affiliate program regular payments on the 5th.

8. Extra Bonus with the status "Pending" is displayed in the partner's account under the "Commissions" section throughout the promotion period if the partner does not provide video links to claim the bonus. 

If you do not see Extra Bonus in your account but you have a YouTube channel and wish to participate in this promotion, please contact Xoffers support:

9. The promotion is valid until March 1, 2024. The promotion period may be extended.

Requirements for the Xoffers partner's account

To receive an Extra Bonus for a video, the partner's account must meet the following conditions:

1. The partner's personal account must have the payment details filled in to receive the bonus. Read how to fill in the payment details here.

2. The partner's statistics must have at least 3 sales totaling at least $100 during the period for which the reward is calculated.

3. The partner's personal account must include links to the YouTube channel(s) where the video(s) will be posted.

Requirements for the YouTube channel

Videos for Extra Bonus must be published on a YouTube channel that meets the following criteria:

1. The YouTube channel is owned by a partner.

2. The YouTube channel must be branded: channel name, icon banner, and trailer. 

3. YouTube channel themes should be "Trading" or associated themes.

4. The channel has more than 500 subscribers.

5. There are comments on the videos.

Requirements for the video

The Extra Bonus is granted and paid only for videos that meet this requirements:

1. The video must be published no earlier than one month prior to the partner's request for reward.

2. The video should be about vfxAlert signals.

3. Each video must have more than 1000 views.

4. The video must be unique (unique title, unique description, video track, and idea should not be duplicated).

5. Videos follow YouTube rules and Xoffers marketing policy 

6. The partner's affiliate link, who is requesting the reward, should be included in the video description. Read here to learn where to find the affiliate link.

Final Provisions

1. Partners are free to decide whether or not to participate in the promotion. By participating in the promotion, a partner confirms that they have read and understood the terms and conditions of the promotion.

2. The Company reserves the right to make changes or additions to the terms and conditions of this promotion. All changes will be made by posting a new version of this article on the Xoffers website.

Attention! The partner agrees to independently monitor any changes and additions to these terms and conditions.

3. The Company has the right to partially or completely withhold rewards and/or exclude any partner from participating in this promotion without notification or explanation, if the partner:

a. fails to comply with the terms or conditions of this promotion;
b. engages in fraudulent activities;
c. abuses any privileges and incentives provided to the partner within the scope of this promotion;
d. provides misleading information.

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