November 8, 2022

Communication with users in the vfxAlert app

According to the statistics for vfxAlert metrics, a large number of beginner users who have downloaded the app for the first time don't know how to use it.

Therefore, for vfxAlert users have been launched:

  • tutorial Telegram bot;
  • telegram channel vfxAlert in the app;
  • tutorial for  beginner users in  the app.

Telegram bot is available for all vfxAlert users. It talks about signal algorithms, the main functions of the app and also answers frequently asked questions from users.
Connect the vfxAlert Telegram bot at the link https://t.me/vfxAlert_Bot.

Recommend your users to connect the vfxAlert bot after registering so they can quickly understand how the application works.

Weekly the promotions for users and different trading strategies are published on the official vfxAlert Telegram channel.  Users and traders can communicate with each other, as well as ask questions to the vfxAlert team here. 

Now messages from the official vfxAlert Telegram channel are  displayed for all users of the mobile and the PC application.

All important vfxAlert news and events are published on the official Telegram channel at https://t.me/vfxAlert_binarysignals

Also, for quick user training, a tutorial has been added to the application. The tutorial opens automatically for all new users and shows step by step how to start trading with vfxAlert.

Tutorial can also be opened using the work panel on the app. According to the metrics of the vfxAlert app, the number of users who use the tutorial has exceeded several thousand people. This means that it is not always clear for users who follow the affiliate link how to use and set up vfxAlert signals.

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