June 6, 2022

An additional way to make money on the vfxAlert offer.

An additional way to make money on the vfxAlert offer is to promote the a vfxAlert  telegram bot.

Telegram has long been an effective working tool for traders. The vfxAlert team has developed a convenient Telegram bot for quickly receiving signals.

To use the bot, the user must have a PRO license, as well as an Alerts pack  for the Telegram bot. 1 Alert =1 signal sent to Telegram bot.

The user can purchase additional Alerts packs  in the official vfxAlert store to use the Telegram bot.

For a trader, using a vfxAlert  telegram bot  is another great opportunity to optimize their work. For affiliates, promoting a vfxAlert  telegram bot is an opportunity to additionally monetize the existing audience through repeat sales and a good way to increase their income.

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