June 6, 2022

How to place automatic orders in the xSignals

Educational video for partners, which tells about the most important function of the application: placing automatic orders.

To successfully promote financial instruments, it is necessary to understand their structure and main advantages. This is necessary at least for the correct definition of the target audience and will undoubtedly help in the preparation of competent reviews of applications.

Based on our experience, you will have a much better conversion rate if you put your visitors in a pre-sales mood before sending them to our website. Presale sentiment means that you generate interest in the product and the visitor has decided to potentially buy it after reading your product review.

In this article, we analyze one of the most important functions of the xSignals application - the placement of automatic orders.

The function of automatic placement of orders according to the specified parameters is most in demand among traders who use short-term trading strategies. With such strategies, the trader is focused on placing a large number of transactions in short periods of time. Such strategies are especially popular in the cryptocurrency market due to its high volatility.

To open a new position in the trading terminal, a trader needs to manually select the direction of the transaction, the volume, if necessary, set the Take Profit and Stop Loss, which undoubtedly takes time. Instant placement of auto orders according to the specified parameters solves this problem, allowing you not to miss a trading opportunity and increasing the efficiency of the trader.

Using automatic orders on xSignals

  • allows the trader to get the maximum profit with small price fluctuations
  • provides high transaction speed
  • provides the ability to place orders based on various ratios of take profit and stop loss and the corresponding profit factor

Watch a short tutorial video on how to place automatic orders in the xSignals app

How to trade using xSignals automated trading orders you can read in the blog.

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